Devon Partnership chooses UKCloud Health

UKCloud Health has announced the successful completion of a collaboration with Devon Partnership NHS Trust to implement My Flu Jab App, a cloud-based app developed by the trust to support staff during the winter flu period.

The app, which was developed by the informatics team at the trust, and is hosted remotely by UKCloud Health, has enabled staff to significantly improve their productivity by speeding up the data recording process and eliminating errors.

With a paper-based process, vaccination recoding would have taken eight minutes each, they now take less than two minutes – a 75% decrease in administration time.

And, where it once took 5-6 hours to manually trawl through data to find out how many people have been vaccinated, sometimes even taking days; this can now be done in real-time. In all it is estimated that a total of 16 days were saved by eliminating manual tasks, allowing valuable resources to be redirected to promoting flu vaccination.

“Putting the app to the test during the challenging flu outbreak for years, might not have been the easiest proving ground, but ‘My Flu Jab’ has more than proven its worth,” explained Rony Arafin, assistant director of informatics at the trust.

“It allowed us to reinvest time in further promoting the flu vaccination campaign in order to maximise flu vaccine uptake, all aimed at keeping our staff and patients safe.”