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Interview: Orlando Agrippa, CEO of Draper and Dash

What is your background and experience?

I have previously worked in the NHS and healthcare sector in the UK and Australia as turnaround director, going into hospitals and leveraging technology to improve patient flow and performance for better outcomes for patients. Predominately, my experiences have been in healthcare and now I’m focused on applying technology to healthcare facilities.

What does Draper & Dash do?

Draper & Dash (D&D) provides enterprise analytics platforms which have a suite of pre-built content which allows users to connect our software to an organisation’s data infrastructure to give them instant visibility to help them manage patient flow. We’ve also got a big data comparative tool to allow hospitals to benchmark themselves to each other and a mobile analytics stack which allows us to publish content to doctors and nurses to drive stronger adoption.

What is unique about D&D?

Above all, we provide instant time-to-value in terms of insight into what’s going on. We also have input from over 60 hospitals providing feedback to our team all the time and our adoption rates are very high across our customer base. We invest heavily in our technology to ensure our user interface and navigation adds high value to our customer base. As a result, our customers can make improve patient flow and deliver efficiency savings to their facility.

What is the most significant achievement for your organisation in the past 12 months?

It’s been our focus on developing predictive analytics, future insights through machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). This has been an enormous achievement for us and delivers real value to our customers.

What will be the most significant?

Hospitals are struggling with patients flow and care due to growing populations and hospitals do not have the capacity to expand. Our focus will be on investments in predictive analytics and ensuring we can add risk stratification into our technology to allow hospitals to see the impact of the changes they are making. We also allow them to move patients who should not be in hospitals out of a hospital which frees up space. For example, this can help them manage patients in their own homes which leads to reduced waiting times.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

We’re amplifying what we are doing with AI to speed up diagnostics, helping hospitals more and more, and it all comes back to better patient flow and better business outcomes.

What problems and challenges are there to overcome?

We are accelerating our focus on ensuring our customers know we care about patients. We are all patients and this is the nucleus of what we do.

What is the biggest technology challenge?

There is a lot of talk on blockchain technology and AI in the industry but our challenge is to simplify the technology for users to make it easy to use. That’s the biggest thing for us – to make complicated data look and feel easy. This means we do the hard work so that our customers do not have to deal with the complexities of what makes AI work in healthcare.

What is new for D&D?

We continue to be excited in this space, and it’s a very rewarding space to work in. What could be a greater occupation than helping to save lives.

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