Sensor City tenant pioneers 3D-printed brain

Healthcare innovation company, Chanua Health, has built a 3D-printed brain to teach students about mental health.

With support via Sensor City, Chanua Health was able to access and implement 3D printing technology to create a model that enables students to learn about the different parts of the brain in an interactive and engaging way.

Chanua Health tackles some of the biggest challenges in healthcare, wellbeing, and mental health, and created the 3D-printed brain as part of their “Neuro Champions” programme, which provides young people with the knowledge and skills to become effective leaders in mental health. Chanua Health is also partnering with Alder Hey Children’s NHS Trust running co-design sessions with children, parents and clinicians within a range of their clinical services.

Naomi Mwasambili, co-founder of Chanua Health said: “Harnessing the technology at Sensor City and working with LCR 4.0 has enabled us to create a product that encourages young people to be more active in understanding their thoughts, behaviours and emotions.

“We have worked hard to put young people at the core of what we do, and we’re thrilled to be expanding into new sectors and creating programmes that can benefit their health and emotional wellbeing.”

Alison Mitchell, executive director at Sensor City said: “This project is a powerful example of how incorporating advanced technologies into education and healthcare can create an impact with the potential to change lives. It’s fantastic to see innovative health organisations, like Chanua Health, working so effectively with our business support and technical team here at Sensor City.

Chanua Health has been a tenant at Sensor City since September, where it has been using the hub’s world-class facilities to develop innovative projects that are shaping the future of health and wellbeing.