HTN 100: Reducing agency spend by 25% and pharmacy anywhere

Reducing agency spend by 25%

Oceanblue has supported Sandwell and West Birmingham to reduce their Bank and Agency run rate by £12M p.a. Over 12 months up to February 2018, the Oceansblue / Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust software and services project delivered:

  • RN shortages on shifts cut by over 50%
  • Quality care staffing compliance up 30%
  • Bank and Agency spend reduced by 25%, valued at £12M p.a.
  • Substantive contract hours owed down by over 90%
  • Proportional use of temporary staff reduced by 16%
  •  90% improvement in roster sign-off notice period, from 21 to 40 days

Pharmacy Anywhere

Clare Morrison, Chief Pharmacist “Medication reviews are beneficial for polypharmacy patients. NHS Highland covers a vast and remote area. Face-to-face reviews were only possible with extensive travel. “Pharmacy Anywhere” is a pilot service to reduce travel and improve access to reviews for patients registered at three rural dispensing practices. Video consultations allow the pharmacist to talk face-to-face with the patient. Pharmacists have remote access to electronic patient records using Vision Anywhere.  Results include a significant reduction in travel time and pharmacists are spending more time in a clinical role. Patients don’t need to travel because they can stay at home for their review.”



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