Digital tech fund to tackle healthcare challenges

UK businesses can apply for a share of up to £9 million to develop more effective and efficient treatments through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

The funding is for businesses with ideas to develop novel digital technology solutions for healthcare challenges with funding provided by UK Research and Innovation and delivered by Innovate UK.

Health-tech firm FundamentalVR has previously received funding and the company is leading a project to develop a VR surgical training platform for students to practice and gain confidence before operating on people.

The competition is part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund to deliver leading-edge healthcare in the UK. This £181 million fund will transform how we develop and manufacture medicines and other healthcare products, such as digital technologies, to get the right drugs and treatments to patients when they need them. Read more about digital health and medicines manufacturing projects that have recently received funding here.

There are 2 competitions that businesses can apply into, depending on the stage of their project, up to £1 million for feasibility studies or up to £8 million for collaborative research and development. Technologies could include virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Internet of Things and data analytics and security.

With an aim for the technologies to support clinical decision-making, improve access to healthcare, support treatment compliance or patient-led management, improve the patient experience from disease prevention through to diagnosis, treatment, recovery and long-term care and overcome privacy challenges with managing, sharing and exploiting data.