South, Central and West CSU launches Care Navigation Service

A new Care Navigation Service (CNS) has been created by South, Central and West CSU to bring together a number of patient facing services.

The service includes Booking Management Support for hospital and patient transport, PALS & Complaints service and Directory of Services (DoS) support.

Liam Williams, SCW’s Director of Commissioning Performance said: “Our pre-existing SCW Referral Management Centre and the other services being brought into CNS, have a proven track record of delivering high quality support consistently scoring highly in customer rankings.  The CNS will be a recognised centre of excellence providing a range of services to our customers including CCGs, NHS England and Acute Provider Trusts.”

“The CNS has enhanced SCW’s capabilities by creating a more synergistic solution.  It offers a range of services aimed at supporting patient choice, improving care pathways, ensuring equality in access and delivering system efficiencies.  It also allows better implementation of DoS (NHS111 & Provider) and e-referral, focusing on primary prevention and social prescribing.”

“To further enhance our CNS offer we are also currently including services in support of repeat prescription management. This helps reduce medicines waste and releases primary care capacity.  We are always keen to work with clients to extend the range of services available either through our existing offers or by working with them to develop new ways of using technology and control centre based services to meet evolving health and care system needs.”