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HTN 100: Concentric, Unmasked, EOS Imaging and Agfa

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Welsh health tech start up Concentric secures £350k investment

Concentric, a platform which supports patients faced with the possibility of surgery to make shared decisions with their clinicians has secured £350k in investment.

Dr Dafydd Loughran, CEO said: “At Concentric, we’re hoping to drive healthcare towards data-driven, shared decision-making. We want to support decision making around what matters to the individual, and use technology to deliver insights into what the outcomes are likely to be for that individual. This funding will allow us to scale up from a pilot at Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust across interested Welsh health boards and internationally.”

Peer to peer mental health support app launched 

The UK’s first free peer to peer support app has been launched in a bid to help people with mental health issues find friendship and support, whatever their state of mind.

The ‘Unmasked’ App is designed to enable users to create bonds with people they wouldn’t ordinarily meet, to bridge a gap between appointments with mental health specialists.

Unmasked is a free app, built around research and consultation with a number of mental health charities and agencies in the UK. Users can choose to appear masked (using an emoji to convey their state of mind) or unmasked as themselves. The system helps people form friendships with other users with mental health issues – users can search by age, location and illness to chat with peers to give and receive support in times of need.

EOS Imaging installs first system in UAE

EOS Imaging the provider of 2D/3D imaging and data solutions for orthopedics has won its first contract in the United Arab Emirates with King’s College Hospital in Dubai. The new hospital is linked with King’s College Hospital in London.

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust adds two more digital X-ray rooms

Agfa has announced that The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust has chosen to add two high-performance DR 600 X-ray rooms to its existing portfolio of Agfa Digital Radiography solutions already in use in the hospital. With the contract signed in September 2018, the first DR 600 X-ray room went live in December 2018.

Rachel Beckett, Clinical lead for plain film, Clinical Radiology of The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust “Our new DR 600 has enhanced the X-ray room’s workflow and sped up examination time, while enabling us to provide patients the privacy and dignity they deserve. The excellent image quality aids in diagnosis, and the reduced patient radiation dose supports our commitment to offering the best care.”



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