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InterSystems extends mobile capabilities

A new release of InterSystems TrakCare has been released providing mobile-enabled interfaces to all clinical workflows.

The new release is an extension to the capabilities of the unified healthcare information system from InterSystems to improve the user interface and experience at the point of care.

The mobile functionality includes support for operating theater bookings and administration, maternity, and nursing care plans, and delivers dynamic patient lists, a patient journey tracker, and additional graphing capabilities.

InterSystems has built the functionality on its new InterSystems IRIS for Health data platform to boost systems interoperability, cloud scalability, and healthcare big data capabilities.

Christine Chapman, Vice President for TrakCare, InterSystems “Data volumes are growing faster in healthcare than any other industry, and the move to IRIS for Health ensures that TrakCare is more interoperable, faster, and more scalable than ever. In addition to traditional interoperability standards like HL7 and SDA, we can now operate through FHIR standards.”

The IRIS for Health platform has been designed specifically for healthcare to provide a data platform combining high-performance analytical and transaction processing, cloud scalability, and native interoperability for all data types.

Dimitri Fane, Director of Product Management for TrakCare “We view SMART on FHIR as critical in enabling organisations to innovate by enhancing the TrakCare experience and taking full advantage of their EMR data.”