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Jessica Ennis-Hill launches new app jennis

Dame Jessica Ennis Hill, has launched a new app called jennis to provide a one-stop destination where Jessica shares her exercise and wellness expertise. The app has two areas of focus, to support pregnancy and post natal and also to provide fitness support.

The pregnancy and post natal programmes are designed to help support a community of pregnant women with expert wellness and exercise advice both during and after pregnancy. Workouts include Pilates, strength and conditioning and yoga.

Dame Jessica Ennis Hill says “The jennis pregnancy programme was inspired by my belief that all pregnant women should have the access to the same information and expertise as I had  thanks to the incredible experts who worked with me.”

The fitness programme includes specially created 30 minutes workouts (including warm up and cool down), led by Jessica.

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Adarga completes £5 million Series A fundraising

Adarga, an AI platform to analyse vast volumes of data quickly and accurately has raised £5 million in funding.

The company said the proceeds will be used to continue the expansion of Adarga’s data science and software engineering teams, accelerate research & development and to execute the adarga_engine™ and adarga_bench™ software platform rollout.

Rob Bassett Cross, CEO of Adarga, commented “We are positioning ourselves to organisations who cannot deal effectively with the scale and complexity of their enterprise data and are actively seeking an alternative to knowledge intensive human processes. Built by experienced sector specialists, the company has rapidly progressed a real solution to address the challenges of an ever-growing volume of unstructured data.“

Matthew Gould, Head of Emerging Technology at Allectus Capital, commented “Adarga has developed a world class analytics platform to support real-time critical decisioning by public sector and defence stakeholders.”


UHBMT trials new thermal bed sensor-based alarm system

The Research and Development team at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT) is hosting the first UK study of a new thermal sensor-based alarm system to enable ward staff to identify patients who could be in imminent danger of falling from hospital beds and injuring themselves.

SAFE (System to Avoid Falls Events) has been developed by Lancaster-based firm Rinicare, a former subsidiary of Rinicom, as an early warning system for wards which have a high number of patients at risk of falls and bone fractures.

Six SAFE devices are being tested on Ward 20 at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary (RLI) to see if the system can reduce falls and improve patient care.

In the SAFE research study, each bed on the ward appears as a coloured icon on a mobile smart device and the icon will flash and emit an alarm if a patient starts moving towards the edges of the bed or attempts to leave the bed. The icons also appear on a screen at the nurses’ desk so that staff can keep track of their patients.

Søren Udby, Project Manager for Rinicare, said “I thought – what if we can develop a device that can keep track of a patient 24/7 in a non-invasive way? What if we could create a device to give staff a notification that a patient is about to fall or leave the bed?”

“We wouldn’t want to put CCTV up for data protection and practical reasons so we have decided to use a thermal sensor instead of an optical camera.”

“The SAFE device is small and inconspicuous. It doesn’t have lights, it doesn’t make sounds and there are no moving parts so patients shouldn’t even notice it is there.”


A mobile ultrasound platform announces $35m funding

Exo Imaging, a high-performance ultrasound platform based on patented Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (pMUT) technology and artificial intelligence (AI) for imaging and therapeutic applications, has announced a $35M Series B financing round.

The company is bringing diagnostic-grade medical imaging to the pocket of every care giver and clinician worldwide.

“For too long, medical imaging products have been expensive, cumbersome to use and have catered to a small segment of users. Our mission is to fundamentally change the economics, usability and accessibility of high-quality medical imaging and therapeutic tools,” said Sandeep Akkaraju, CEO and president at Exo.



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