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RCGP invites primary care insight on impact of AI

The Royal College of GPs is inviting clinicians and healthcare professionals in primary care to provide insight on how AI will impact them.

Together with UCL, the RCGP is in the early stages of piloting an AI tool for educational purposes. However the College has called for help, via a survey and working group, in testing this tool and providing insight into how work in primary care might be impacted by the introduction of AI more widely.

The College is forming an online community to test and support artificial intelligence (AI) activities, including the chatbot AI tool for education.

Across the UK significant effort is being expended to develop AI for example the Department of Health Northern Ireland is investing in Queens University Belfast to support AI for precision medicine. In Wales, research including an ABMU Health Board emergency medicine consultant is demonstrating the potential for AI to identify patients who may be at increased risk of suicide.

HTN recently published a feature to highlight 4 real examples where AI and automation is supporting health and care.

In November 2018, the RCGP published its ‘Artificial Intelligence and Primary Care’ report to provide an unbiased introduction to AI for clinicians and healthcare professionals. In April 2019, the College launched its technology manifesto, All Systems GP, to establish how technology can work best for GPs and patients, within a system that is ready to support it.

The College said “In primary care, AI will impact to a certain extent, yet to be determined, many different supporting facets of high quality care. These may include research, commissioning, purchasing, employment, regulation, medicine, diagnosis, testing, treatment, and education and training.”

“Good access to accurate information and continuing professional development are fundamental ways to continue to improve care. As part of our AI work we have collaborated with UCL to develop a chatbot for educational purposes. Our pilot chatbot will provide healthcare professionals with accurate and up to date information on sepsis and antibiotic prescribing to improve care.”

The RCCP is inviting clinicians and healthcare professionals to confidentially share thoughts, hopes and concerns through their survey or by emailing to join their online AI in primary care group to help develop the educational chatbot.