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Bedfordshire CCG introduces mobile heart monitors

Bedfordshire CCG is to introduce new mobile heart monitors with an aim to help prevent strokes.

The mobile heart monitor technology helps patients take a quick ECG reading thats measures electrical activity of the heart. The device is able to identify a number of heart rate abnormalities including atrial fibrillation.

Dr Linus Onah, BCCG clinical lead, said: “Many people in our region could be unaware they have irregular heart rhythms and are at risk of having a stroke.”

“These mobile ECG devices are easy-to-use, require no gels or wires and can check your heart rhythm in less than a minute. They will play an important role in the early detection of atrial fibrillation, helping to prevent stroke and save lives.”

The CCG has commissioned the technology from AliveCor. It means patients can quickly place their index and middle fingers of each hand on portable finger plates and in 30 seconds an ECG reading is transmitted wirelessly to the AliveCor app on an iPad.

The Eastern Academic Health Science Network conducted a pilot study of the mobile heart monitors in Bedford and found that for every 25 patients who receive treatment after being detected with AF, one stroke event over a period of 18 months is avoided.

The technology will also be used by GPs, nurses and health assistant during consultations and as part of the NHS health check programme.