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Case Study: Transforming pathology services in Wales

NHS Wales implemented TrakCare Lab to transform clinical information sharing, leading to better decision making and higher quality of care.

Before the implementation of the system, laboratory clinicians in Wales had to navigate 13 separate pathology systems. Results were collected across many systems and not easily shared between locations.

Since the introduction, and the development of over 50 external system interfaces including the National Patient Index, National Welsh Portal, National Point of Care systems, and departmental systems, including those used by renal and oncology departments, healthcare professionals can now quickly view past and present results.

Pathology services play a crucial role in every aspect of patient care. Approximately 70% of all clinical diagnoses in primary and secondary care rely on the insight and advice from pathologists.

The system gives pathology clinicians instant access to a patient’s past and recent test results – including those ordered by GPs, doctors and several point-of-care systems. Every year the system processes more than 28 million test results, all of which can be accessed in seconds.

To date, the system holds details of more than 180 million requested tests from approximately 60 million individual patient encounters.

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