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Insight: How to implement the Minimum Viable Solution of your Shared Care Record by September 2021

Feature by ReStart NHSX CEO Matthew Gould recently announced that all 42 Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships/Integrated Care Systems (STP/ICS) organisations must have a Minimum Viable Solution (MVS) shared record in place by September 2021. There are nine months left to achieve this goal. Shared Care Record procurement and deployment has […]


Making the case for automating cancer trial matching

During a recent virtual fireside chat, I met with industry experts Courtney Hudson, President and Founder of Carebox; and Cyntha Griffo; Director of Communications and Education at the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania, to discuss the current state of cancer trial matching. This conversation offered the opportunity […]

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One digital front door; revitalise your weight loss programme with ShapeUp4Life

By Solutions 4 Health The association between excess weight and poor outcomes with COVID-19 has led to even greater pressure on public health organisations to deliver successful weight loss programmes; ShapeUp4Life presents an effective solution to this long-standing problem, and now offers digital programmes to support services. The well-established relationship […]