Diabetes management platform launches £5.8 million crowdfunding campaign

A Manchester based tech start-up, Gendius, is to launch a crowd funding campaign to raise £5.8 million in July.

Launching on Crowdcube, the company is seeking investment in its diabetes management app to support its growth plans. Currently the app is downloaded 10,000 times a week to support effective remote diabetes management.

The company said the funding will help with a planned series of app upgrades, development of its AI technology based on clinical data, and signing of multiple business deals.

In July 2019, the company held a crowd funding campaign where it was overfunded in 48 hours, raising £520k.

The app has been approved for the ORCHA App Store, the organisation who review and evaluate health apps, achieving 71% in their scoring.

It has now been downloaded 195,000 times to support people log blood pressure, activity, body mass index, insulin dose and blood glucose levels. The app provides reminders and tips on how to look after blood pressure, diet, exercise, feet, eyes, kidneys and cardiovascular risks. It also uses an algorithm to highlight to a user the risk of developing diabetes complications.

The Intellin® platform is currently being tested across a number of NHS CCGs in the UK, and Gendius is also in advanced discussions with AstraZeneca about integrating into its educational platform, initially across one region.