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Lancashire and South Cumbria picks Doctorlink

Patients across Lancashire and South Cumbria are now accessing GP appointments through the Doctorlink platform.

The app is being used across the region to deliver GP appointments, screen for COVID-19 and provide advice for many other conditions.

Keith Nurcombe, UK Managing Director at Doctorlink, said “We provide a digital front door for thousands of patients across the country and as such, see it as critical to support NHS clinicians and provide the right information to inform and reassure patients.”

“It’s essential that social distancing measures don’t cause local residents to avoid or delay seeking advice for their symptoms. By giving patients immediate access to the right support for their symptoms via the Doctorlink app – whether that’s by phone, video or face-to-face appointment – we hope to be able to get them to the care they need, when they need it.”

The app was updated in January to identify symptoms of coronavirus and to provide advice to those who were at increased risk.

The company said “The app can assess more than 95% of possible health conditions, including COVID-19, and help patients find the right service and appointment for their needs.”

The tool is also being used across NHS West Kent CCG, NHS Medway CCG, NHS Swale CCG, and NHS Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley CCG.

The project board at the CCGs said “From reduced telephone waiting times, to supporting our non-English speaking patients and those with disabilities, Doctorlink will provide our patients with the tools needed to help them navigate their own personal health journeys.”

“We are also delighted to secure tools that can reduce the pressure on the amazing and dedicated clinicians in our region. Doctorlink offers an exciting opportunity to support our general practitioners with unique online services that give them back the time they need to focus on the patients who need it the most.”