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Welsh health tech company launches free outsourced medical reporting service

A Cardiff-based technology company, Medi2data, has launched a free outsourced medical reporting service for GP practices.

The company provides free software and services to support practices, PCNs and federations supply GDPR‐compliant digital Subject to Access Requests (SARs) and patient reports to insurers, solicitors and other third parties.

Richard Freeman, CEO, Medi2data, said: “Practices are re-evaluating pre-COVID protocols and looking for ways to work more efficiently. This free service removes a significant administrative burden on staff and clinical time for GPs, allowing them more time to focus on frontline care.”

“eMR+ automates all fee payments, which means practice managers can easily keep track of reports and payments, without having to spend time chasing third parties.”

The company has also closed a Smart Grant application of £259,100 to further research and develop its mobile application, eMR Health Passport.

The project, ‘eMR Health Passport – a patient-centric mobile application to securely hold and transmit medical data’, aims to develop a fully interactive app that will securely hold a copy of the patient’s medical record in an easy-to-navigate format.

The company said the app would address two challenges: “GPs are becoming overwhelmed by GDPR requirements for data handling and requests for patient medical records from third parties, costing primary care an estimated £70m. Medi2data estimates these costs could be considerably reduced by using eMR technology and interfacing through the health passport with the patient.”

“eMR Health Passport would offer a novel solution to rising levels of mental illness, distress, and low wellbeing among UK higher education students.”