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Video: Leicester’s Hospitals digital strategy and EPR programme

HTN Summit 2020 Day Two, we were joined by Paul Volkaerts, CEO at Nervecentre, Andy Carruthers, Chief Information Officer at Leicester’s Hospitals and Graeme Hall, Chief Pharmacy Information Officer at Leicester’s Hospitals, for a session focusing on the EPR programme at the trust.

The session explored Leicester’s Hospitals digital strategy, including their EPR Programme, electronic prescribing and medicines administration system and their ambitions for digital maturity.

Andy Carruthers, said: “One of the key points for us is that the programme is clinically led, which means it is not IT asking the organisation to work differently. This way has been critical in adopting the EPR.” 

“We are increasingly shifting to more agile ways of working; presenting solutions to clinicians and taking onboard their feedback.” 

“One of the nuances of this approach is that we are doing the PAS last; the value to be gained from replacing the PAS system isn’t great, so we are adding elements to it to enhance the system. Usually, the first 12 months are spent on replacing the systems you already have, we are switching this method.” 

Watch the session here: