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EMIS launches first EMIS-X application

Emis has announced the launch of the first application as part of its new EMIS-X cloud-based platform.

The application, called Explorer, comes as part of a new EMIS-X Analytics suite to provide tools to support healthcare teams with data insights and analytics.

Explorer is being used in a pilot to support researchers at the University of Oxford, who are using it for live surveillance into more than 50,000 patient-reported experiences of COVID-19.

The company said the module has been developed in response to a customer need for “quicker, deeper data insights at a whole population level.” The launch will see healthcare teams and researchers be able to benefit and utilise a large dataset from over 40 million anonymised patient records.

It’s currently being used by Oxford researchers with data collated from a patient questionnaire on the Patient Access app and website. The questionnaire started as a way to improve understanding of the direct health impacts of COVID-19 on the individual during the early stages of the pandemic.

Caterina Alacevich, a researcher in Economics and Health at the University of Oxford, said: “EMIS-X Analytics provides us with a continuous surveillance tool to analyse data from this valuable new patient survey, which is supplemented daily as a result of the ongoing engagement with participating Patient Access users.”

“It’s amazing to have this data flowing into our research on a continuous basis like this. This isn’t something that usually happens in standard research settings.”

“Everything in this pandemic is new, and this new way of accessing data will open pathways to more research being done this way in the future”.

Alex Eavis, director of EMIS-X Analytics at EMIS, said: “With the EMIS-X Analytics suite, our customers can gain deeper and quicker insights from multiple datasets – not just those held within our own systems – bringing the potential to drive further improvements in both healthcare services and the wider health of the nation.”