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CCube Solutions launches eLG, cloud-based platform for Lloyd George Records

CCube Solutions has launched a hosted version of its electronic Lloyd George (eLG) platform to support GP practices and CCGs digitise these records through 2021.

The eLG system was launched 5 years ago and currently manages 2.1 million Lloyd George records. The company has now made an updated version available in the cloud, to help GPs and practice staff re-purpose valuable space and have access to a hosted and managed service for their digital Lloyd George records.

In 2019 NHS England made £20 million in funding available to support practices digitise these records. Earlier this year, NHS England launched a call to seek the views of suppliers, to inform a national approach to digitising these records, enforcing high programme standards and processes, with nationally supported pilots.

Vijay Magon, CEO, CCube Solutions, said: “We have recently launched our proven and established electronic Lloyd George solution on a secure hosted and managed platform to support practices digitise their LG records during 2021. Our hosted and managed service is available, with on-boarding within one day, eliminating lengthy IT implementations.”

“The solution provides authorised users secure access and viewing via an intuitive web portal. The eLG platforms is hosted by UK Cloud – an approved  private cloud provider. There is no need to install any software within the practice.”

“There is no charge for uploading scanned LG records onto eLG. The cloud-based solution helps to reduce local storage and supports greater flexibility for access and viewing using any device.”

eLG is based on the electronic document and records management technology from the company, which earlier this year, the company won a contract to supply its EDRM solution to Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The Trust said the project aims to provide clinicians and health professionals with instant, secure access to information where and when needed, including across multiple locations at the same time.