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First 100 tech suppliers join Department for International Trade’s latest campaign

In a bid to drive international adoption of UK health tech, a group of organisations have come together with the Department for International Trade to showcase their work.

‘The First 100’ tech suppliers have been selected to join the campaign based on their proven track record, and cover categories including remote monitoring, self-care and wellness, triage and pre-assessment, screening and diagnostics, system efficiency, data and analysis, collaboration and communication, and future technologies such as augmented reality.

The campaign is backed by Healthcare UK, European Connected Health Alliance (ECHA), Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI), Scottish Development International, Innovate UK, HIMSS and Silver Buck.

Hassan Chaudhury, Digital Health Specialist, Healthcare UK, who is leading the campaign said: “The First 100 articulates the exportable strengths that the UK has in health tech and showcases those that stand out for being tried and tested and most importantly, making a difference across one of the most complex health systems in the world, during its most challenging time. They’ve supported health and care professionals and patients in dealing with everyday issues and can undoubtably benefit other countries looking to solve problems to everyday health and care challenges.”

Rachel Murphy, CEO of Foundry4 – one of the organisations selected, said: “The past year has created a need to think differently, even radically, in the way we all approach healthcare – from creating patient facing services, workforce-based solutions, and using data in a more effective way. It’s incredibly powerful to be recognised for the contribution we’ve made to healthcare in doing just that.”

The companies included:

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