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NHS App records 1 million new users as vaccine certificate update released

The NHS App has attracted over 1 million users since it was announced recently that COVID vaccination certification would be part of a new update for the application.

Since 10 May there have been 1,410,386 downloads of the NHS App and 1,302,611 new registered users.

The update was released so that users can show their vaccination status, including which vaccine they received. Produced in line with World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, the app can also be used to prove vaccination status when travelling internationally, and is believed to be one of the first internationally complaint applications in the world for this purpose.  

The NHS App, separate to the NHS COVID-19 app which enables users to check into hospitality settings and take part in contact tracing, allows users to sign-up for repeat prescriptions, and supports people sign up to organ donation, with 11,483 users registering to be a donor in just four days this month. 

Minister for Innovation, Lord Bethell, said: “It’s great to see so many more people using the NHS App – it allows people to easily access their COVID-19 vaccine status, as well as easier access to NHS services. It’s a prime example of how technology is making the health service faster and easier to use.” 

Those who don’t have the app can request a paper certificate, the first of which were sent out last week.  

Matthew Gould, Chief Executive of NHSX, said of the new update: “This has been stood up in a matter of weeks, by a team working every hour to ensure we delivered a user-friendly service on time. We are really pleased with how it’s been received, and even more pleased to see it get so many people using the online services of the NHS.” 

The NHS COVID-19 app was also peer-reviewed and results were published recently. The review found that the app averted 248,000 infections and had 16.5 million users, while it’s believed it could also be used in future to help deal with flu.  

Many NHS regional services have supported the growth of the NHS App, including Connected Nottinghamshire who spoke of their own innovation at the last HTN Now in April. Jane Scarborough, Project and Change Manager, said:  “The NHS Notts App showcases real partnership working both at a national and local level and with our industry partners, and we have delivered a combined response that provides a product that really does meet the people’s mandate. Our programme [has] been recognised nationally as an NHS beacon area.”