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North Tyneside CCG partners with Livi for GP video consultations

North Tyneside CCG has completed a 12-month pilot with Livi, providing patients across the area with an option to book NHS GP video appointments.

The CCG introduced the service in July 2020, in response to health services being extremely busy and to provide greater choice to patients. It now means 222,000 patients across 25 practices have access to GP appointments from 7am – 10pm, Monday to Friday, and 8am to 4pm on weekends.

Richard Scott, Clinical Chair, North Tyneside CCG, commented: “With health services being very busy at the moment, it’s important to give patients choice in the way that they can access a GP that’s convenient to them. Supporting increased flexibility and better access to high-quality healthcare remains our priority and it’s been encouraging to hear the positive feedback from patients using this online GP service.”

Livi and the CCG recently conducted a survey to understand patients’ satisfaction and experience, finding that eight out of 10 respondents (79 per cent) in the area rated their experience with Livi as ‘good’ (17 per cent) or ‘very good’ (62 per cent).

The survey also found that nearly 20 per cent of respondents who used Livi would otherwise have gone to A&E or an urgent care centre.

Dr Robyn Kewley, Northumberland Park Medical Group, Shiremoor, added: “Livi is especially good for patients who have busy lives and want quick access to medical care that fits into their routine. The consultations over video call allow them to have face to face contact with a GP, to discuss anything that is concerning them, without the need to travel to the GP surgery. Having a choice is very important for patients”

In June, Livi achieved an ‘Outstanding’ rating by the Care Quality Commission, and earlier in the year partnered with BMI Healthcare to provide digital access to GPs.