GS1 UK signs 5-year deal with NHS Scotland

GS1 UK, an organisation focused on data capture and sharing standards, has signed a five-year deal with NHS Scotland.

The partnership has set out a commitment to support the widespread adoption of GS1 standards across the region, hoping to deliver full traceability for the unique identification of every person, every product, and every place throughout both the supply chain and the patient pathway. It includes visibility of all event data – capturing details such as patient ID, staff ID, medication information (i.e. batch and dose), asset/product/device information (manufacturer and expiry date) and location information.

Earlier in the year, NHS National Services Scotland selected Genesis Automation as its partner to deploy a new inventory management system in hospitals across the country, and will be based on the GS1 standards.

Jonathan Cameron, Director of Digital Health and Care, Scottish Government, commented: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with GS1 UK to increase the adoption of GS1 standards – the aim being to enhance patient safety, reduce unwarranted clinical variation and drive operational efficiencies in Scotland.

“Driving greater transparency and interoperability into our healthcare system will not only provide us with the data needed, but we will also be able to inform clinical decision making which is a critical driver for improvement.

“The implementation of GS1 standards will go a long way towards delivering our goal of the provision of even safer and more efficient care for our patient population.”

Glen Hodgson, head of healthcare, GS1 UK, added: “Because GS1 standards are both system and device agnostic, they allow for the seamless exchange of information beyond both system and organisational boundaries. This is the key to achieving traceability in healthcare and it is here where the true value lies.

“The principles of the Scan4Safety programme were built on the adoption of these standards in clinical settings and doing so has already realised significant benefits for the sector – saving thousands of lives and millions of pounds across the NHS.”