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NHS Kernow tops leaderboard for CCG website accessibility

Updated in October 2021, NHS Kernow CCG and NHS Doncaster CCG have now taken the top positions in a leaderboard for website accessibility, comparing all CCG websites in England. The top two positions were previously held by NHS Kent and Medway CCG and NHS North Cumbria CCG.

Silktide, a company that compares millions of websites, has released its latest analysis into CCG websites for usability, including content, accessibility, marketing, mobile, social, speed, and legal compliance.

The Index is a league table created to show how organisations in various industries compare for web accessibility, the practice of making a website usable by everyone, regardless of ability or disability. Its primary aim is inclusion, no matter what a user’s circumstance, and aims to ensure support for a variety of users, such as those with low vision who may have trouble reading low-contrast text on a web page or a user on a mobile device in bright sunlight. The company measures the websites against the international standard for web accessibility, WCAG 2.1.

The top five CCG websites include:

  1. NHS Kernow CCG
  2. NHS Doncaster CCG
  3. NHS Kent and Medway CCG
  4. NHS Wakefield CCG
  5. NHS North Cumbria CCG

HTN last reported on the Index in July 2021, when we highlighted that the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust were top of the leaderboard for NHS trusts with a score of 99.4 per cent. NHS Kernow CCG received a score of 91 per cent.

The website from Silktide also highlights recommendations for improvement, which can include ensuring controls change appearance when they are selected, alternative text for images inside links, that links are distinguished by more than just colour, links explain their purpose and content is not too difficult to understand.

To find out more, view the Index here.