HTN’s Digital ICS Playbook has arrived…

Here at HTN we’re thrilled to share our latest Digital Playbook, available in print and online. Following the release of our first edition earlier this year, we’re back with a sequel – a second instalment featuring the latest solutions and innovations from providers working across the health tech sector.

This November 2021 edition focuses on the idea of a digital Integrated Care System (ICS), in line with our most recent one-day HTN Now event on the subject, which saw the release of a series of live and recorded webcasts from health tech experts across industry and the NHS.

With topical and relevant healthcare areas in mind – such as solutions focusing on supporting the NHS care backlog – we take a look at the most pressing areas of change and transformation, such as strategies, pathway redesign, Electronic Patient Records (EPRs), system-wide solutions, digital and data platforms, Shared Care Records, integration, and population health management.

Across the playbook, you’ll find out more about suppliers, projects, case studies, updates, and all the great work that is going on across the sector.

Whether you are pondering procurement, seeking a solution, or just interested in finding out about the latest innovations and ideas that are out there, this playbook will provide you with plenty of inspiration.

Here we take a brief  look at the subjects, products, ways of working and themes that we’ll be showcasing throughout this guide. This is just a taster of what you can expect…

Improving Collaboration and Communication – Hable, a Microsoft adoption and change management partner, walks us through how it can help ICSs with staff adoption of Microsoft 365 and smarter ways of working.

Remote Monitoring and Virtual Wards – On this subject, we hear from Doccla, which works with NHS organisations on virtual wards, to help with the delivery of personalised care and tackle challenges around capacity and waiting times.

Care Journey Orchestration – Lumeon is our guide through the area of care journey orchestration, highlighting the importance of smart scheduling and booking systems, appointment reminders, discharge coordination, and the overall benefits of adopting an orchestration engine.

Patient Flow – If you want to find out more about what’s available in the world of patient flow management, visit Alcidion’s page about how its Miya Precision module can help to facilitate timely care and efficient logistics support.

Patient Records Management – Read about a number of different examples and approaches to patient records management through CCube Solutions’ section, which explains different models used by a number of hospitals and trusts.

Digital Considerations for ICSs – eConsult Health, which operates in the digital triage and remote consultation market, shares its top considerations for ICSs that are still developing digital strategies.

Empowering Citizens and Healthy Populations –  EMIS explains its approach to interoperability, solutions that empower patients, improving care pathways, and how insights from clinical data interrogation can inform local care planning.

A Call for Collaboration – Helicon Health puts out a call to ICS leaders, inviting collaboration to develop an evidence base for prevention, in the area of digital transformation in populations with multiple long-term conditions.

Regional Radiology Collaboratives –  Spanning two pages, Yorkshire Imaging Collaborative shares its experiences as an early adopter and of planning a multi-site project, while Afga HealthCare explains how lessons can be learnt from existing imaging networks.

If any of the topics have piqued your interest, dive into our playbook and read on. In the meantime, don’t forget to save our HTN Now dates in your diary, so that you can keep track of upcoming live events (page 12), and also make note of our next round of HTN Features (page six).

Thanks once again for reading, we hope you enjoy the latest playbook – stay tuned for future editions.