Health Education England launches Population Health Digital Toolkit

Health Education England has launched a new resource to help provide insight and knowledge into population health.

Its Population Health Digital Toolkit is aimed at health and care learners to develop their understanding of population health principles, helping them achieve competencies in areas such as population health data, health inequalities, population health approaches and behaviour change.

The toolkit has been mapped across 11 core areas and principles, to help professionals take a population health approach to respond to the impact of the pandemic and to increase the scale and pace of action to tackle health inequalities and protect those at greater risk.

Professor Wendy Reid, Director of Education and Quality, and Medical Director at Health Education England, commented at the launch: “COVID-19 has had a disproportionate impact on those already experiencing disadvantage and health inequalities. The pandemic has highlighted the need for the NHS to increase the scale and pace of action to tackle health inequalities and protect those at greatest risk.

“This free to use population health toolkit will support our learners in understanding how taking a population health approach can help in the recovery from the pandemic and to improve patient access, experiences and the outcomes of those populations in most need.”

Health Education England, added: “Learners may benefit from exploring the learning objectives to identify any gaps in their knowledge and visiting the relevant resources. Each learning objective is supported by an introductory section and reflective questions to help learners link population health to their professional practice.”

The Population Health Digital Toolkit is available to access here.

In a recent session for HTN Now, we welcomed Faye Brooks, Head of Population Health Management at Hampshire & Isle of Wight ICS to share their population health management journey.