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Manchester University NHS enters data sharing collaboration with Rinicare

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust has signed up to a data sharing collaboration with Rinicare, a company focused on clinical risk prediction.

The collaboration and data sharing agreement will help to develop the company’s clinical risk prediction technology platform, STABILITY. The digital tool uses algorithms designed to give clinicians working in critical care an early warning of patients who are at risk of deterioration.

The trust will now work with the Manchester based start-up to improve the algorithms, and to develop and test new applications.

One of the algorithms on the platform, ‘STABILITY UO (urine output)’, helps predict the risk of developing renal complications or acute kidney injury (AKI) after cardiac surgery.

The company said: “It uses routinely taken physiological measurements to predict the future probability of low urine output in time for clinicians to take preventive action to reduce the risk of developing AKI. This risk prediction is personalised for each patient, is available after only six hours of post-operative monitoring and is updated hourly.”

Dr Ruth Hale, Innovation and IP Management Services Lead at MFT, commented: “It is great that we have been able to take the collaboration with Rinicare forward and to be supporting the development of health tech innovations in the Manchester area. There is a lot of potential in this technology to really make a difference to clinicians and patients, so we look forward to being part of its development.”

Rinicare’s Managing Director, Dr Anthony Holmes, added: “Clinical risk prediction technology is a powerful new tool to help clinicians accurately assess patients’ risk profiles. Particularly with the NHS COVID-19 surgery backlog, understanding early on which patients need additional care and which can be safely discharged has never been more important.”

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