Northamptonshire HCP’s population health learning programme goes live

Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership (HCP) has gone live with its own population health learning programme.

One of five systemwide Action Learning Sets (ALS) began this week, bringing leaders and colleagues from across the local Integrated Care System together, along with analytics and finance experts, and Primary Care Network (PCN) teams.

The aim of its population health management approach is to use data and predictive analytics to ‘identify needs, join up services and deliver proactive personalised care for people in complex at-risk groups’ and to place the ‘population at the heart of transformation efforts’. It’s also hoped it will lead to locally integrated teams to discussions and conclusions on how best to maximise local resources for the biggest possible impact on health outcomes.

The purpose of the sessions is to ‘bring colleagues together to share knowledge’ and create a ‘peer learning community’ for population health management in the Northamptonshire healthcare system.

Six further ALS are expected to be delivered at ‘place’ level within West Northamptonshire, with those sessions aiming to support and enable health and care professionals to ‘locally develop an integrated solution’ for people who are at risk of falls in the community, as well as focusing on ‘innovative’ finance and contracting models to support population health management-based care.

The four PCNs involved in the programme will also go through six ALS, where they will collaborate to ‘design and implement new data-informed interventions for targeted population cohorts’. Seven further ALS will concentrate on ‘bringing analytically aligned colleagues together’ to share knowledge.

This news from Northamptonshire builds upon recent developments at Health Education England, as healthcare providers move towards using data for population health management in a variety of areas, including for identifying at-risk patient cohorts and tackling elective care waiting lists. To reflect the greater focus on this area, HEE has launched its very own Population Health Digital Toolkit, which is aimed at aimed at healthcare professionals.

It’s hoped that the toolkit will help NHS staff to take more of a population health management approach and can equip learners with knowledge and skills around population health data, health inequalities, population health approaches and behaviour change.

For more information and learning around population health management, watch our latest HTN Now Focus session on the topic by the North of England Commissioning Support (NECS), whose team gave a live presentation and demo about how to use data to generate insights and interventions.