Agenda released for HTN Now Electronic Patient Records

The HTN Now Focus online event series continues, with the next edition specifically on electronic patient records, set to take place 9 December 2021.

Join HTN and colleagues for the third edition in the HTN Now Focus series, where we explore the electronic patient record (EPR) programme at Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, talk EPR implementation at the Countess of Chester Hospital, focus on EPR business cases for ICS strategies, and highlight innovations to digitise records, support remote consultations, and Patient Initiated Follow Up.

We hope you can join us!  To register for the event, for free, please click here.

Join us for an agenda that includes:

  • 9:00AM – Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Graham King, CIO, Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust will share the trust’s EPR programme and learnings.

  • 10:00AM – EPR implementations, five critical paths and a cutover

Andi Taylor, EPR Programme Director and Implementation Consultant, will present “Five critical paths and a cutover – an EPR implementation story”, detailing this EPR delivery model and the challenges faced.

  • 1:00PM – EPR Business Cases for ICS Strategies

This session will explore the approaches to preparing business cases for EPRs for emerging ICS digital strategies. It will be based on current OBC and FBC business cases being prepared for approval by local Trust Boards and central UTF funding approval. The risk appetite for conventional (established EPR package) versus developmental EPR solutions (open platform and newer EPR entrants) will be discussed. Should EPRs continue to be specific to care settings (GP, acute, MH, etc.) or should they be integrated across care settings?

  • 2:00PM – Empowering the patient to help with the growing NHS backlog

This session will explore:

  1. Minimise handling of physical notes and records and ensure that patient information is available at the point of need;
  2. Support remote consultations and virtual clinics – seen as crucial for reducing unnecessary outpatient visits, saving time and money for patients and the health service;
  3. Ensure that delivery of care to non-Covid patients can continue, to help avoid issues in the future and minimise revenue losses;
  4. Improve a patient’s engagement in the delivery of their care – Patient Initiated Follow Up (PIFU)

We hope you can join us!  To register for the event, for free, please click here.

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