Health Tech Trends

Health Tech Trends Series 2022: Digital leaders on NHS Boards?

As part of our Health Tech Trends Series sponsored by InterSystems, we researched the number of NHS trusts with a digital leader on their board of directors.

By exploring 222 NHS trusts in April 2022, we found that 45 trusts have a digital leader or leader with a digital remit on their board of directors, representing 20% of trusts.

Through a desktop research methodology, we identified of the 45 people on NHS boards, 15 were in a role of chief information officer, there were 12 chief digital information officers, 2 chief clinical information officers, and 16 with varying job titles (other), but a clear digital remit.

We categorised ‘other’ with job titles including: director of digital services and informatics; director of information and technology; IT officer; medical director and digital healthcare; director of strategy and digital development; director of digital and logistics; director of transformation, innovation and digital services; director of finance and digital; and chief digital and partnership officer.

Our methodology involved desktop research in April 2022, by visiting each trust website to identify if a leader on a trust’s board of directors had a clear responsibility for digital.

For part two of this feature series, do you think there should be a digital leader on a trust’s board? Let us know your thoughts to and your ideas for developing the digital profession.