Mid and South Essex Health and Care Partnership goes live with single waiting list platform across the ICS

Mid and South Essex Health and Care Partnership has gone live with a data management platform from Insource, to provide a single system-wide patient tracking list.

Part of the ICS’s wider elective recovery programme, the platform provides visibility of patients from referral to treatment waiting lists across three acute sites and is aggregated to ICS level. The tool includes all specialties and is refreshed daily, with the project aiming to support patient scheduling and activity booking, and cross-site bed and theatre capacity management based on resources.

Barry Frostick, Chief Digital and Information Officer for Mid and South Essex Integrated Care Board, said: “We see our strategic partnership with Insource on the elective recovery programme as a real opportunity to prioritise patients according to clinical need and length of wait, to standardise clinical processes across our multiple sites and to maximise our system-wide waiting list capacity. Having a single, robust, fully-validated patient tracking list for all clinicians to refer to is a massive first step.”

Naresh Chenani, Director of Planning and Performance for Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust, added: “It is my role to ensure we are effectively planning our capacity across our estate to reduce our backlogs. We need to improve performance across all specialties, but especially in Orthopaedics and Ophthalmology where we have the biggest waiting lists.

“In line with the NHS ‘Data Saves Lives’ policy, one of our strategic objectives is to become a data driven organisation. We are now in the enviable position of having all the data in one place – a single source of the truth – for informed decision-making across the ICS.

“We have a consolidated view of the waiting list position, so we can ensure patients are treated against clinical priority and date order.”

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