HTN Now digital mental health and digital social care agenda launched

Coming up at HTN we have a one-day online event taking place 11 October focusing on digital mental health and digital social care, that’s open to all to attend, with a front row seat!

We welcome speakers from across the industry to cover a range of topics, including: using health and social care data, electronic patient record systems for mental health trusts, the role of digital navigators in digital adoption, using data to understand care activity, and tackling digital exclusion.

The sessions take place from 9am-4pm with a total of 6 live webinars from both suppliers and NHS professionals to discuss and share their projects, learnings, challenges, advice and approaches.

First on the agenda at 9am, this session will discuss linking health and social care data to improve services. It will share a national programme of work undertaken by NHS Arden & GEM CSU and the Department of Health and Social Care to enable local authorities to submit standardised adult social care data into a secure environment to be linked with health data. The Adult Social Care – Client Level Data programme now has 35 local authorities flowing data, with a further 76 in the onboarding process, which is already enabling both councils and ICBs to better understand their services and the impact on clients.

At 10am, this session will examine the state of the mental health EPR market – while asking is managed convergence a relevant or even applicable policy for this sector? Our presenters will also ask what should be done to ensure there are robust MH EPR solutions that engage service users and staff?

Next up at 11am, Charlotte Stockton-Powdrell, Chief Operating Officer at GM.Digital will talk about digital navigation with GM.Digital. During the session she will explore the contributions CAMHS.Digital (a young people’s advisory group) make to their research and how digital navigators can become embedded within clinician teams to accelerate the successful adoption and implementation of evidence-based digital mental health tools.

At 1pm, we will be joined by Vicky Boswell, Associate Director of Performance, Thomas Jones, Head of Business Intelligence at North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare, Supported by Kim Aspinall, Director of Commercial Operations, Insource Ltd. The session will focus on accessing accurate mental health data for quality care and ICS analysis, and how North Staffordshire Combined Health are using data to get an accurate understanding of the pattern of care activity – following the restoration and recovery of services in 2022/23 and target where resources are most needed now.

At 2pm, DATAMIND is the focus; harnessing mental health data to transform lives of those living with mental health issues. In this talk, Professor Ann John will describe Hub projects from the FAIR data to the physical and mental interface, progress to date as well as how to get involved.

Our final session of the day at 3pm will focus on tackling digital exclusion in mental health services and will be  delivered by Emma Storey, Digital Mental Health Programme Manager, NHS England and Improvement, and Kirstin Blackwell, Deputy Director of Inclusive Co-design, Thrive by Design. This session will explore the complex relationship between mental health, digital exclusion, and inequalities and look at how those delivering mental health services can adopt an inclusive approach to digital transformation, innovation and improvement by sharing key findings and more.

To register to attend this one-day event, please click here.