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One Care releases IIF tracking dashboard for primary care networks

One Care, a GP federation in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (BNSSG), has developed a new dashboard to help general practice monitor progress against national targets from the Investment and Impact Fund (IIF).

Covering 70 GP practices, One Care has launched the dashboard to measure PCN performance against a set of targets relating to health inequalities, personalised, preventative and anticipatory care, medicines optimisation, and environmental sustainability. The aim is to track how PCNs are performing against these targets, and what level of income they can expect to receive as a result.

The business intelligence team at One Care is also developing the dashboard to be used at an individual practice-level.

Rhys Lewis, Head of Digital at One Care, commented: “The PCN DES (of which IIF is part) is an important source of funding for general practice. A typical PCN in England could earn around £100,000 , so it’s important our PCNs have an easy way to see how they’re doing, and identify where the most cost-effective action can be taken to maximise this income.

“Feedback so far has been really positive. PCNs can see its value and understand what it can do for them. We’re currently developing the next iteration, which will help PCNs see where they can expect to be tracking towards the end of the financial year, and how their resources are best focussed to deliver the maximum benefit for their patients and maximise income.”

BNSSG has also recently introduce an app to support staff sharing within a PCN. The app is currently being used in Network 4 and Healthwest to manage shifts for vaccination clinics to “great success,” BNSSG said.