AI deployment engine goes open source

The Artificial Intelligence Centre for Value Based Healthcare, a programme led by King’s College London and Guy’s and Thomas’ NHS FT, has made the code for its AI Deployment Engine (AIDE) available through open source on GitHub.

Formed in 2019, The AI Centre works alongside 10 NHS trusts, four universities, industry partners including Siemens Healthineers, NVIDIA, IBM, GSK, 10 UK-based SME’s and the Health Innovation Network.

The programme said “making source code publicly available is part of our commitment to transparency” and “anyone can look at the code for AIDE”.

The AI centre has published the non-infrastructure code for the AI Deployment Engine (AIDE), which includes the front end, back end and clinical review system.

On the AI centre’s website it notes AIDE as “an intelligent tool that allows healthcare providers to deploy AI models safely, effectively, and efficiently” and notes this is done “by enabling the integration of AI models into clinical workflows”. The programme adds that “AIDE provides opportunities for data scientists to deploy applications in hospital settings and in September 2021 the first instance of AIDE went live at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, with a stroke AI tool to support NHS clinicians to help improve direct patient care.”