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Electronic medical record system in place across Bermuda Hospitals

Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) has gone live with a new electronic medical record system called PEARL (Patient Electronic and Administrative Records Log), using Cerner’s Millennium product.

The system is being introduced to “replace a number of other systems” and to “support integration,” BHB said.

The implementation of PEARL is “a significant move in line with technology used world wide by hospitals, and opens up new opportunities for using digital solutions to better care for and reach those most in need,” the hospital board noted.

The EPR is being used across all services throughout Bermuda Hospitals, with implementation supported by ‘PEARL super users’ placed in different departments during go-live to help staff, and a command centre running for the first two weeks of the system to resolve issues quicker and more efficiently.

A second phase of the project will see patients and their community doctors provided with access to the system, to support transition from hospital to other healthcare providers.

CEO and President Michael Richmond commented that staff must be given time to get used to new processes, but “once we are used to using the system, the opportunities for improvements are going to help us soar.”

Chief of Staff Wesley Miller added: “PEARL is going to transform what is possible in delivering the very best in safe, quality care across BHB. A system implementation of this size and complexity isn’t easy, but the reward of working through it will be in the enhanced ability to improve patient care and outcomes, which is at the heart of all we do.”

BHB have provided a range of information about PEARL including a FAQ guide and videos to explain how the system works. Click here to find out more.