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“If we are always successful then I’d argue we’re not being innovative at all”: panel discussion on international digital healthcare development

This week we held our first international webinar since launching our sister site HTN International, where we were joined by a panel of health tech experts to discuss current digital capabilities, projects, and priorities from country contexts including Spain, Bermuda, and the UK. We welcomed Keltie Jamieson, chief health information […]

Global Interview

Interview: “The impact starts with small transformations” Inderpal Kohli, VP and CIO at Englewood Hospital, New Jersey

Over on our sister site HTN International, we shared our interview with Inderpal Kohli, vice president and chief information officer at Englewood Hospital, New Jersey, to hear his insights on digital transformation, projects, priorities and challenges in the digital health space. Inderpal introduced himself by explaining how his career has been […]

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Interview: “Machine learning can help us re-conquer compassion and humanisation of healthcare” Ricardo Baptista Leite, HealthAI and UNITE Parliamentarians Network for Global Health

We recently sat down for a chat with Ricardo Baptista Leite about the potential and considerations for artificial intelligence, key learnings from his career and his thoughts on the digital health landscape in Portugal. Along with his background as a medical doctor, Ricardo has experience in a number of settings […]

Global Interview

Interview: “A big focus has been around creating and embedding a digital culture of change” Aislinn Gannon, Ireland’s Health Service Executive

We had the opportunity to speak with Aislinn Gannon, general manager for digital health at Ireland’s Health Service Executive, on her experience with digital health programmes, and her perspectives on the future of tech in health. We started out by asking Aislinn to tell us a little bit about herself […]

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Ideagen acquires compliance management platform

Ideagen, provider of software solutions for regulated industries, has announced that it is acquiring Australian-based all-in-one compliance management platform Op Central. Op Central’s AI-supported solution is said to be capable of creating standard operating procedures and processes, along with supporting learning materials and distributing them to multiple locations. On the […]


Launching… HTN International!

For years we’ve been bringing you key news, insights, updates and innovations from the healthcare industry through articles, interviews, deep dives, features, live sessions, our awards programme and more. Now, we’re delighted to share that we are widening our scope through the launch of our new sister site, HTN International. […]