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Poll: What do you think should be the biggest priority for digital primary care in 2023?

To kick off our Health Tech Trends Series sponsored by InterSystems for 2023, we shared a poll with our audience of health tech professionals to gather their opinions on where the main priorities should lay for digital primary care this year.

106 people have voted since we posted our poll at the start of this week, from a range of professions including CIOs, CCIOs, digital directors, analysts, consultants, project managers and more.

The most popular answer indicated that interoperability should be the biggest priority for digital primary care in 2023, with 43 percent of voters choosing this option. Voters included clinical informatics pharmacist; medical lead at a GP solutions provider; primary care manager, chief clinical information officer, transformation manager; lead analyst; physician; and more.

Next, in joint second place, we had citizen services and access, along with upgrading and improving core systems, with a vote share of 24 percent each. The first was the preferred options for professionals including chief clinical information officer, chief digital information officer, director of innovation, whilst the second was chosen by individuals including chief operating officer, head of clinical systems and technical architect.

Finally, nine percent of respondents thought that back office and coordination tools should be the priority. Here, we saw respondents including executive operational director, practice manager and service performance and delivery manager.

What do you think?

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