Contract awarded for national digital maturity assessments

A new contract has been awarded to a delivery partner to support NHS England’s Digital Maturity Assessments programme.

Through a contract award notice, it states an aim to “deliver a baseline and an enhanced assessment” of the seven domains of NHS England’s ‘What Good Looks Like’ framework, to include all NHS trusts, community integrated care organisations and integrated care systems. Additionally, the programme aims to establish a centralised data set, including dashboards and reports covering all organisations.

Launched in August 2021, the ‘What Good Looks Like’ framework aims to set out success measures to accelerate digital and data transformation across seven measures.

The seven success measures range from leadership and strategy to underlining infrastructure. The themes include: well-led, ensure smart foundations, safe practice, support people, empower citizens, improve care, and healthy populations.

Each success measure provides guidelines for both integrated care systems and wider NHS trust organisations. Through this “common foundation” which NHSE suggests “should be in place across the NHS”, a broad range of areas are covered – including advice on how to use a secure digital infrastructure, and ways of ensuring that digital systems are designed to meet the needs of both staff and patients.

The delivery partner in the programme is to:

  • Deliver baseline assessments using an existing credible model to all NHS trusts, community integrated care organisations and ICSs.
  • Deliver an Enhanced Digital Maturity Assessment covering all aspects of the What Good Looks Like framework and the other areas that need to be factored in.
  • Establish a centralised data set on digital maturity that is accessible for other areas of work (within an NHS England-derived database).
  • Digital Maturity Assessment dashboards and reports covering National, ICS and Provider/Place level assessment results.

The contract was awarded to McKinsey and Company, Inc.

To view the contract please click here. To find out more on the What Good Looks Like framework, HTN explored more here.