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Robotic process automation planned as interim solution for GP system integration

NHS England has published interim plans to work with suppliers of robotic process automation (RPA) solutions to support integration with GP IT systems for patient registrations.

Stating that the overall aim is to offer full integration with GP IT systems through the GP Connect API, NHS England notes that an interim solution is currently at design phase, for RPA tools to automatically enter patient registration data into clinical systems.

It means that ‘bots’ will be used to enter data submitted by patients into clinical systems, rather than practice staff entering the data manually. NHS England states: “Our aim at the NHS is to facilitate the RPA solutions with a number of assured suppliers so that GP practices can benefit from a reduction in administrative tasks.”

From this month, GP practices enrolled with the Register with a GP surgery service will be able to use an RPA solution to automate this process. 

A number of suppliers are currently compatible with the register with a GP surgery service, including GP Automate, Healthtech 1, and Royal Free London NHS FT.

NHS England added that “due to complexities, the delivery timelines for the GP IT integration” has led to an interim solution to be offered.

To find out more, visit the NHS England website here.

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