Health Tech Trends

24 per cent of integrated care boards have a digital leader at board level

As part of our ongoing Health Tech Trends Series, we looked into the number of integrated care boards with a digital leader on their board of directors.

Using desktop research methodology, we found that amongst the 42 boards, 10 had a designated digital leader on their board of directors – just shy of 24 percent, versus the 76 percent who do not. The roles included chief digital information officer; chief officer of strategy, digital and integration; chief people and digital officer; director of digital transformation, and director of transformation and chief digital information officer.

It’s worth noting the possibility that digital responsibility may fall under varying job titles, such as chief strategy and transformation officer, or other roles which fall under innovation and integration.

And of course, it doesn’t mean that the 32 boards without a digital-specific leader aren’t committing to digital transformation in this space – but it’s certainly food for thought in terms driving digital change from the boards themselves.

This follows our 2022 research which looked at digital representation for NHS trust boards – at the time, 20 percent of trusts had a digital leader or leader with a digital remit on their board of directors.

We recently chatted with a variety of healthcare leaders about their roles, responsibilities and approaches – there’s our interview with Niamh McKenna, CIO at NHS Resolution, on her leadership learnings, or our chat with Nottingham’s Jaki Taylor, Nikki Turner and Alexis Farrow about women in technology and digital leadership. You can check out our full range of interviews here.

Remember – if you’re a NHS digital leader within your trust or ICS, we’re always keen to hear what’s happening in this space. Email if you’d like to get in touch and share your work with us.