$60 million in Series B funding raised by Danish AI company Corti

Danish AI company Corti has announced that it has raised $60 million in Series B funding to support “continued growth in healthcare through advanced AI that understands patient needs and optimises clinician workflows”, with the funding also aiming to help the organisation expand its AI capabilities in public safety.

Having developed an AI solution offering guidance in real-time during patient interactions and emergency calls, Corti highlights that it “covers approximately 100 million patients a year, and augmenting professionals over 150,000 times a day”. The company says that its growth across healthcare and public safety demonstrates the value of AI assistants capable of understanding conversations and workflows, and notes that the new funding will “fuel Corti’s expansion globally”.

The organisation’s ultimate goal is to offer global access to “fast, consistent, and high-quality healthcare advice at a much lower cost”.

Andreas Cleve, co-founder and CEO of Corti, comments that “the partnership between a healthcare professional and a co-pilot leads to best-in-class care, fewer errors, less red tape, and a better workflow, as every professional gets their own assistant. Through this investment, we will work to amplify our impact as we’ll scale our offering to all kinds of healthcare professionals.”

Lars Maaløe, co-founder and chief technology officer at Corti, adds: “AI is moving faster than ever, and at Corti we continue to stay ahead of the curve by vigilantly competing with big tech on method and application. While lots of companies cannot maintain a competitive edge, the future is bright for the teams that can consistently innovate.”

In other news around AI, Moorfields Eye Hospital and the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology have developed an artificial intelligence foundation model for ophthalmology called RETFound, which is said to be capable of detecting markers of disease from retinal images and “can identify some of the most debilitating eye diseases across diverse populations”.

Elsewhere, Causaly, an artificial intelligence platform for biomedical research, has announced its success in raising $60 million in Series B funding, bringing the total funding raised to $93 million which will be utilised to “extend Causaly’s product lead and expand commercial relationships”.