Health Tech Trends

What do you think could improve the success of patient portals and patient-facing tech?

For our latest poll as part of our Health Tech Trends series (sponsored by InterSystems), we took to LinkedIn to pose a question to our audience: what do you think could improve the success of patient portals and patient-facing tech?

We provided four options for respondents to choose from: increase awareness and engagement; develop staff skills and knowledge; redesign processes or care models; and offer richer functionality and design.

With votes coming in from a range of industries and backgrounds, the most popular answer indicated that 38 percent of our respondents thought that increasing awareness and engagement around patient portals and health tech was the way forward. In this category, we saw people from a range of professions voting, including an engagement operations manager, an NHS innovation lead and a research fellow.

Next up, 29 percent believed that offering richer functionality and design would make a difference. Here, voters included head of informatics development, primary care network manager and deputy chief nurse.

21 percent of our respondents chose ‘redesign processes and care models’ as the option that would improve patient-facing tech success. A head of IT and operations, critical care consultant and clinical system specialist all chose those this option.

Finally, 13 percent said that success is would improve if staff further developed their knowledge and skills, with respondents including a medical electronics technician, practice manager and project manager.

Which option would you choose?

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