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Royal Marsden NHS CIO announces move to Nervecentre

In a LinkedIn post this week (22 November), David Newey announced that he will be leaving his current role as chief information officer at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, to join Nervecentre as director of digital transformation.

Speaking on his “six amazing years” at Royal Marsden, David shared that he would be leaving behind “an incredible team who has delivered a multi-million pound five year strategy which has improved the working lives of staff and outcomes for cancer patients”.

He also noted the importance of the NHS’s partnerships with commercial suppliers in achieving “successful digital change”.

On his future role at Nervecentre, David said: “I believe that by taking my previous commercial and NHS experience to Nervecentre, I can help them propel the digitisation of the NHS using their next generation EPR.”

In September, we spoke to David about some of his recent work on digital at The Royal Marsden, including the trust’s EPR go-live. David highlighted how The Royal Marsden is currently in the process of rolling out a unified comms platform across the trust, which he said in some ways is “almost as big a transformation project as the EPR launch”.

Last year, we interviewed David on the topic of bias in AI, where he voiced his thoughts on the potential for rapid adoption of AI to lead to uncontrolled AI solutions, and the need for every AI algorithm to be licensed individually for a set “shelf life” before further evaluation is required.

We also recently covered the news that Nervecentre has been awarded a a multi-year contract to deliver software as Ireland’s sole country-wide acute floor information system, with implementation to be phased across 40 hospitals. Additionally, last year we interviewed Nervecentre CEO Paul Volkaerts, for his thoughts on the EPR market, Nervecentre’s software in practice, and more.

HTN would like to wish David all the best in his new role.