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Ideagen acquires compliance management platform

Ideagen, provider of software solutions for regulated industries, has announced that it is acquiring Australian-based all-in-one compliance management platform Op Central.

Op Central’s AI-supported solution is said to be capable of creating standard operating procedures and processes, along with supporting learning materials and distributing them to multiple locations. On the solution, the company noted, in order to meet the different regulatory requirements of particular geographies, content can be tailored, and central changes automatically update across all documents and learning materials with the aim of reducing the risk of out-of-date procedures being followed.

Ben Dorks, CEO at Ideagen, comments: “The acquisition of Op Central enables Ideagen to provide something that every compliance professional desires: time. Productivity is a huge concern for businesses globally and is increasingly being discussed at board level as reduced productivity impacts both the top and bottom line.”

He adds that compliance is an “element that cannot be compromised” when an organisation is struggling for resources. “Ideagen Op Central and its AI functionality will do the heavy lifting for organisations on essential but time-consuming tasks, freeing up people to focus on adding the value where it makes the biggest difference.”

Josh Cairns, CEO of Op Central, states: “Our tech, combined with Ideagen’s reach and resources, means we can empower more organisations globally to increase their operational consistency. We’re thrilled about the potential this move brings, as it sets the stage for a new chapter of growth for us.”

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