Health tech international leaders to join HTN’s international event

Join HTN and health tech leaders from across the globe on 24 April for our first international panel discussion, focusing on digital healthcare across the world; click here to register for your free ticket.

Facilitated by HTN, the discussion will be held virtually on Teams and will feature Keltie Jamieson, chief information officer at Bermuda Hospitals Board; Tino Marti, digital health facilitator from the European Health Telematics Association in Spain; and Penny Kechagioglou, chief clinical information officer and deputy chief medical officer at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire.

Our panellists will be discussing digital strategy, leadership, the challenges they face and how they tackle them, what ‘good’ looks like, and more.

Since we launched our sister site HTN.International in November, we have interviewed a range of individuals from across the globe to explore their insights into digital health, including Keltie herself – catch up with her interview here.

We’ve also chatted with:

  • Ricardo Baptista Leite, Portugal: CEO at HealthAi, global agency for responsible AI and health and founder and president of the UNITE Parliamentarians Network for Global Health
  • Sarah Jabbour, USA: PhD candidate in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan
  • John Klepper, Switzerland: co-founder and CEO of PIPRA (Pre-Interventional Preventive Risk Assessment), a Zurich-based medtech company
  • Wiktor Żołnowski, Poland: founder of start-up Health Folder, an app collating medical documentation
  • Pouria Mireshghi, Iran: co-founder and CEO of deeptech/medtech company NerveAide, supporting neuro patients to regain their mobility and independence
  • James Martin, US: CEO and founder of ezClinic, a Chicago-based med tech company supporting patient safety and risk management through AI and preventative monitoring assistance
  • Dr Hugo Madeira, Portugal: dentist and head of surgery at Hugo Madeira dentistry clinic in Lisbon

We’ll soon be sharing an interview with panellist Tino as well – don’t forget to bookmark HTN International and keep checking back to keep up-to-date with health tech insights and learnings on a global scale.

As well as interviews, we share news, research, deep dives and more. There’s plenty to learn from in the digital health space from other countries, and plenty to be inspired by, so don’t miss out!