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Novari: Supporting the UK government’s ambitious spring budget productivity plans and reducing NHS waiting times

Content by Novari Health

As the UK government announces a significant investment in the NHS productivity plan, Novari Health, a leading provider of healthcare technology solutions, is proud to highlight how its innovative Access to Care Platform™ can play a pivotal role in driving down wait times and enhancing NHS productivity across the nation.

The Spring Budget 2024 outlines an ambitious strategy to double down on technological and digital transformation within the NHS, backed by a £3.4 billion funding injection. Novari is committed to partnering with the NHS to ensure these investments translate into tangible improvements in patient care and operational efficiency.

“Novari’s Access to Care Platform is uniquely positioned to address healthcare productivity challenges outlined in the Spring Budget,” said Angela Single, Director, Business Development UK at Novari. “Our integrated software modules are designed to streamline surgical waiting list management, digital referral management, central intake, and care coordination, ultimately optimising patient flow and reducing administrative burdens.”

The NHS faces significant hurdles in referral management, with manual processes consuming valuable resources and driving up costs. Novari’s global expertise in this area offers a lifeline, enabling trusts and Integrated Care Systems (ICS) to regain control of their spending on admin and redirect resources towards frontline care. With the NHS spending millions annually on referral management admin costs alone, Novari’s solutions promise savings, enhanced productivity, and increased capacity for healthcare staff.

“We understand the immense pressure faced by NHS trusts and ICSs. Our goal is to empower them with proven cutting-edge technology that simplifies workflows and maximises resource utilisation,” added Angela Single. ” By leveraging our digital cloud-based technologies and agnostic integration capabilities, the system is more efficient, and patients experience shorter wait times.”

The Novari access to care technologies integrate with and enhance the capabilities of electronic patient record (EPR) systems (e.g., Access Rio, Alcidion, Altera, Dedalus, Epic, Meditech, Nervecentre, Oracle Health/Cerner, System C, TPP, etc.). Novari technologies are widely used by many clinical services including surgery, medicine, mental health, chronic diseases, medical imaging, and others.

Novari’s commitment to innovation aligns seamlessly with the government’s vision of a digitally enabled NHS capable of delivering world-class healthcare services. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, Novari remains dedicated to driving positive change and transforming the way healthcare is delivered in the UK and beyond.

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