Primary Care News

Health tech supplier announces ground-breaking strides in transforming primary care through technology

By John Kosobucki, CEO, OX.DH

In an era where the demand for innovative healthcare solutions is more pressing than ever, we at OX.DH are proud to announce our ground-breaking strides in transforming primary care through technology. As a pioneering UK-based healthcare technology company with links to the University of Oxford, our mission is to digitally transform healthcare with our modern, intuitive, and 100% cloud-native solutions, built on the secure and industry-leading Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

We’re excited to share that OX.DH has been accepted onto the NHS Tech Innovation Framework to increase innovation and choice in the primary care IT market. Our collaboration with NHSE is leveraging the latest NHS API integrations, encompassing patient demographics, e-referrals, e-prescribing, summary care records, MESH, NHS login, and more.

This is a significant step forward in offering an alternative to the long-standing clinical system suppliers in the primary care IT market, which has been largely unchanged over the last 25 years. This is an opportunity for new entrants like us to introduce long overdue innovation and choice.

OX.DH is committed to a different path—one that emphasises transparent, seamless, efficient, and integrated care solutions. Our cloud native technologies are designed to exceed the 21st century expectations of both patients and clinicians, by making it intuitive while improving outcomes, reducing risks, and ensuring time and cost efficiencies.

Our solutions put the patient at the centre of everything we do. To achieve this means a connected healthcare ecosystem that ensures the best possible care. Our API based technology and message architecture efficiently scales and addresses the all-too-common issue of disjointed systems and data silos, delivering a future where everyone receives the comprehensive care they deserve.

Beyond our technological innovations, OX.DH is deeply committed to embodying and promoting social values that reflect our responsibility towards the community and the environment. We recognise that our work has the power to transform healthcare and contribute positively to society at large; reducing inequalities, enhancing access to healthcare, and implementing sustainable practices in all aspects of our operations.

A testament to our capabilities is the OX.assisted reproduction solution, which has already transformed many fertility clinics in the UK and internationally. Now we’re bringing our expertise to primary care with an early win of launching our OX. waiting room on the NHS National Tenant AppSource where NHS users can sign up for a free test drive.

Furthermore, our strategic partnership with the University of Oxford, funded by MRC, aims to develop a national platform for integrating NHS and research consent for translational neurosciences research. This initiative will involve cohorts from NHSBT, Tessa Jowell Brain Matrix/Genomics England, marking a significant leap towards a unified and patient-centric healthcare system.

At OX.DH, our passion for digitally transforming healthcare is driven by the belief in a better, more connected, and efficient future for primary care. With our innovative solutions, strategic partnerships, and unwavering commitment to social values, we’re not just part of the conversation—we’re leading the way in making transformative healthcare technology a reality, with a profound respect for our societal impact.

To find out more or to contact the OX.DH team, visit their website here.