DHC Group announces acquisition of ECG On-Demand

The DHC Group, a portfolio of UK healthcare companies with the shared aim of supplying specialist outpatient pathways and diagnostic imaging services, has announced its acquisition of digital cardiology diagnostics provider ECG On-Demand.

Liat Karni, CEO of DHC Group, spoke of the group’s “delight” in making this acquisition, adding: “They are a high quality provider of 12-lead ECG Interpretation and Holter monitoring services, with a focus on technological innovation and have specialist cardiac teams whose focus is on delivering the best possible service to customers and patients alike.”

The news follows their recent acquisition of Venturi Cardiology, an independent cardiology clinic in the North West of England, which offers “rapid access to clinical consultations and diagnostic investigations through an experienced team of consultants for both NHS and private patients, using state-of-the-art cardiac technology“.

The group’s other acquisitions include Diagnostic Healthcare, an independent provider of medical diagnostic imaging services; CT Dent, an independent dental scanning centre with a network of clinics across the UK offering “high-resolution, 3D volumetric images”; and Cavendish Imaging, a specialist dental and medical imaging company offering services including cone beam CT scanning, 3D photography and anatomical model production.

To learn more about the recent acquisition of ECG On-Demand, please click here.

In related news on acquisitions, pharma services business Sciensus has acquired Vinehealth, a cancer-focused health tech business offering a patient app and physician support platform, in a move designed to expand Sciensus’s digital and patient support offering.

In imaging news, the UK government has announced the launch or expansion of projects stemming from the Adult Social Care Technology Fund, including the use of 4D imaging to detect falls; medication monitoring to support patient safety; and pain assessment tools and “robotic pets” to support communication challenges and independent living.