Feature Series: Data Strategy

Welcome to our dedicated data strategy channel – where we’ll share insights and ideas from health technology experts, through a range of features, interviews and articles.

Healthcare providers are increasingly turning to data solutions and strategies to mine and maximise the potential of vast stores of information across their systems, in the hope of turning stats into actionable insights that can help shape policies and practice, with the long-term aim of improving both patient and staff experiences and outcomes.

From workforce planning and capacity predictions at a local level, through to nationally and internationally important research, disease monitoring, Population Health Management and trend-spotting, there are many ways data can be harnessed to improve lives across the globe. While the ethics around how we store, manage and use data in healthcare is also continually under the microscope.

The untapped potential and importance of data means that news and updates emerge daily on this topic area – from NHS, industry, academia and beyond. Through HTN’s dedicated channel, you’ll find all the latest thought pieces, case studies, comment and reaction on this exciting and fast-moving subject, as organisations across the health tech sphere publish, renew and refresh their data strategies and approaches in line with a changing digital landscape and constantly evolving guidance.  

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