The North West London ICS Expands the Deployment of Elsevier’s Care Planning to Support Wider Adoption of Evidence-Based Practice

  • The expansion of Elsevier’s Care Planning will help in the drive toward ICS-wide consistency of acute hospital care.
  • Access to the industry’s latest, complete, and trusted content will ensure evidence-based practice is widely adopted amongst the nursing workforce.
  • Seamless integration with established clinical workflows to encourage the enhancement of operational efficiency.

Elsevier, a global leader in scientific information and data analytics, is pleased to announce the expansion of its Clinical Decisions Support (CDS) solution, Care Planning, across the North West London Integrated Care System (ICS), serving a population of 2.1 million people across eight boroughs.

This is an extension of the initial partnership with Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, which integrated Elsevier’s Care Planning across the nursing team in 2020, to reinforce evidence-based practice at the point of care. Following successful implementation, the deployment of Care Planning across the ICS will help to reduce variation in patient care, further improving the nursing team’s operational efficiency.

A total of 319 evidence-based, patient-centred care plans, will be made available to thousands of nurses, across the four acute trusts in the ICS. The content has been pre-built and will be delivered via a structured, normalised database, to ensure predictable and timely integration with the organisation’s Electronic Patient Record.

James Bird, Chief Nurse Information Officer (CNIO) at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, stated: “Reinforcing evidence­-based practice is essential in reducing variation as the complexity of health needs increase. Technology must play a role in supporting our clinicians and delivering the right information to them, at the right time.”

“The integration of Elsevier’s Care Planning in Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust, and the subsequent extension of the partnership to all the acute trusts in the North West London ICS, presents the opportunity to empower our workforce by providing nurses with easy access to the latest, evidence-based content. This will reduce variability and ensure the continued delivery of high­ quality patient care at every stage in the patient journey.”

Jan Herzhoff, President of Global Health Markets at Elsevier, says, “We are delighted to be extending our partnership in the North West London Integrated Care System. Elsevier’s Care Planning helps to integrate the patient’s story, evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, and standardised assessments, into a single care plan. This will reduce fragmentation, preventing omissions of care and ultimately bringing high-level benefits that help organisations navigate increasingly challenging clinical environments.”

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In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, the importance of effective care planning cannot be overstated.

Burden, Inefficiencies, and Errors in Traditional Care Planning 

Care Planning is a process of developing a plan to address a patient’s healthcare needs. Care plans describe the professional process of care, including the patient outcomes to be achieved, interventions to help achieve these outcomes, and the education patients need as they prepare for discharge. To ease recovery and manage conditions, care plans should reflect the personalised needs of patients.

However, the current healthcare ecosystem presents NHS trusts with a set of daunting challenges. Clinicians often resort to unvalidated search engines or Al tools for care plans, leading to non-standardised, non-evidence-based approaches. The outcome? A fragmented system where care teams operate independently, resulting in compliance issues, errors, inefficiencies, and additional burdens on an already stretched healthcare workforce.

Introducing Elsevier’s Care Planning Solution

Elsevier’s Care Planning solution distinguishes itself from traditional methods. We offer a streamlined approach to care planning that ensures all members of a healthcare team are on the same page and working toward the same goal. Our care planning solution helps interdisciplinary healthcare teams create personalised care plans that are tailored to the unique needs of each patient. Our solution delivers customised, standardised, and evidence-based care plans that are updated with the latest evidence and clinical best practice guidelines.

Your healthcare organisation is unique, and our solution is tailored with your team and organisation in mind. By adopting Elsevier’s Care Planning, you ensure that your care teams work in harmony, following the patient’s plan of care that meets their individual needs and preferences. This approach not only enhances compliance but also helps reduces errors, streamlines processes, and alleviates the pressures on your healthcare workforce.

No matter where you are in your interoperability journey, Elsevier is here to help

At Elsevier, our commitment extends beyond care planning. We provide comprehensive services to assist with Electronic Patient Records (EPR) and Elsevier solution integration, ensuring a seamless adoption that empowers your healthcare organisation to deliver exceptional patient care efficiently and effectively.

Knowledge Based Clinical Decision Making powered by Elsevier

Elsevier’s Care Planning solution is unique in bringing evidence-based care planning content directly to the point-of-care, delivered through your EPR. Our Care Plans can be integrated into a native EPR, which saves organisations time and resources on developing, updating, and configuring EPR content.

Elsevier care plans deliver:

  • Current, comprehensive evidence-based content, regularly updated and maintained
  • Hundreds of standardised care plan guidelines that are customisable to meet the patients needs
  • Structured and normalised care plan content that facilitates interoperability, data collection and research


  • Meet compliance goals with the latest regulatory considerations and current clinical guidelines
  • Efficiency and time savings by streamlining the care planning process, giving clinicians more time with patients
  • Exceptional coordination and communication through one longitudinal care plan, across the continuum

Designed to address the challenges you face

Our solution integrates the patient’s story with over 300 evidence-based clinical practice guidelines into ONE patient-centred plan of care from which the interdisciplinary care team can practice.

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